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Pani Da Rang by meeee… 🙂

In one of my earlier posts “My Placement @ Infosys” was described by me as an adventurous and happening event in my life. Well yes it was hell of a day and my friends and me still have a laugh remembering it. July 2011 I joined infy and with some glitches in the beginning this picked up smooth in there. Working in Product R & D department (PRD) was quite a ride in itself, learning and working on things never done before. Slowly and gradually i stabilized and had some good amount of modules under my belt.

My friend and classmate from IIT Kgp Zahed was not happy with the way things went there, after working on a damn solid “Software based HD Video Conferencing” project for 1 year as M.Tech project, Infosys work was not up to his expectations. On the other-hand like the other side of the coin I was being all optimistic and ready to take down whatever comes in the way. Needless to say Zahed left Infy under 4 months and joined the best embedded company in the town “ITTIAM”( and they lived happily ever after :P).

I was still into Infy working hard enough to make my space in the team taking responsibilities and stuff, things were settling down. But when things settle down everything becomes clearer, I reconsidered my decision because the simple question ” Whats my future is gonna be with this” haunted me, will i be able to have a successful career ? Adding to that Nisarg, Abhishek and Zahed top-guns were doing some fabulous work and mine was no match to it. I am not comparing it but being from same stream and college i deserved something better. So finally one day i took a final call and decided to look for better opportunities. I updated every job site which was a clear sign that the dog named “desperation” had already bit me. Got a call from Texas Instrument and  i went for the drive but Analog Electronics was never my cup of tea. Later Samsung called for a walkin at Bangmane Tech Park, C V Raman Nagar, which was a nice experience all together. Driving for almost 27 km that morning i reached there only to find out that at least 350+ candidates were there already. Written seemed simple but quantitative aptitude and reasoning which took a hell lot of time i could only attempt 35 out of 55 :(, next was C paper which seemed easier to me i attempted all of 20.

After that had to wait for an hour for the results but frankly speaking i was not a bit confident that i’ll be able to clear it, as a matter of fact even a thought of leaving and going home came to my mind. But still something kept me there, after the declaration of results (which i cleared) was the time for Technical Interview. Mostly interview question included Operating Systems, C and Data Structures but some microprocessor question were also stabbed on me :O. Interview lasted for an hour or so at the end of which i came to know that finally i had cleared the round. Got the confirmation and offer letter in 2 weeks and joined samsung on 22nd of March 2012. Currently i am working on Samsung Handset Platform(SHP) under Mobile Networking and it seems quite interesting. Lets see whats in the store for me.. 🙂

This is a problem i faced with my Windows 7 where suddenly out of no where my audio stoppped playing and it showed “no audio devices installed” .

I tried many things and finally i was able to get it back. U can go for downloading Audio drivers and installing it or by going for recovery like System Restore but it did’nt helped me.

If you have a Laptop then I would recommend this one.

  1. Open your control panel and then go to Hardware and Sound.
  2. Then go for Device Manager and Open it.
  3.  Then scroll down to Sound Video and Game Controller. Right Click on it and further click on ” Scan for Hardware Changes” this will correct your problem.

If  you have a PC then in the Device Manager ” Sound Video and Game Controller” usually does’nt shows.For this kind of problem their is another solutions.

  1. Reboot your PC and go for System Setup by pressing F12 during boot process.
  2. Then reset all settings to “Load Default Settings” or by pressing F9. Do these for all settings except Booting menu let it be the same.
  3. Then Restart your PC audio will start working.




Finally Facebook launches its video calling facility with its collaboration with skype.

Its Installation is very simple.

1.First go for www.facebook.com/videocalling (make sure the browser you are using is an updated one otherwise it will not support)

2. Click on  “Get Started”

3. After that you will see a small camera icon on ur small chat window (if not then refresh the window) . The person who is Online just click on cam icon, well this is not it.

4. Then after few moments automatically a download starts for  “FacebookVideoCallSetup_v1.2.199.0.exe ” which is around 500 KB of size.

5. Finally when you install it, its autmatically starts downloading and installation of the actual “Facebook Video Chat Plug-In” directly. You don’t have to do anything.

Once the installation finishes u r ready to go.. i used it any its pretty impressive in Slow Connections also. I connected my mobile to lappy (which is hell slow) but i have to tell that picture with sound quality was really amazing which is not possible in Gmail videochat plugin.


My Placement @ Infosys

In IIT Kgp placement season starts from December 1st  and continues till the companies are interested in what they call us “Cream of India”. For us (M.Tech ECE) it started a bit early ie. 30th November evening i was giving the written exam for Texas Instruments(TI). For us our 3rd sem final exams were delayed till 28th NOV enough to make a permanent unrepairable dent on our Placement dreams 😛 . Not having a clear idea of how exactly should i prepare myself, days and companies came and went.

But i had an interesting start to my placement season. DEC 2nd was the day when company named Brocade Comm.  called us for written test,  a good networking company was a dream but without preparation it was close to nightmares.

5.35am : I was awake..
5.45am: I kicked Abhishek to wake him up and reminded him about our first dream company written test starting at 6am. 😛
6.05am: Impeccably dressed up in White shirt & Black pant, we reach V1(where test was held)… (without toothbrush or other chores.)
6.06am: All rest 500-600 students looking at us… we were the only ones ‘impeccably’ dressed! Others were in casuals/ sweaters. Felt embarassing!
6.30am-7.30am: The test. 3 sections- Apti, OS concept & C-prog. Little difficult. Attempted 35/50 questions. And then came back to room.
12 noon: waiting for result was too painful so i thought it would be better to have my own sweet little nap.
12.10pm: This time it was Abhishek’s turn to kick my ass. Results out! Abhishek, myself, Jacob & Prince selected for Tech interviews starting 12.15pm. Adding to the anxiety i got a call from Placement office that i was the first one to be interviewed. <HELL>
12.20pm: Wiping all the sleep from eyes, went inside the interview room.
1.05 pm: unlike others i had 2 different interviews.  Interview over.
8.00 pm: Interview results out. Only Prince selected. 😦

Total 30 students were shortlisted for interview and finally 7 got selected.  In the first week when with good jobs and not forgetting to mention high packages came to our campus. Some of them were..

Brocade Comm, Intel, Alcatel Lucent, Goldman Sachs, Analog Devices, Mentor Graphics, Qualcomm,nVidia, Cisc0, Synopsys, Oracle, Ericsson, HP, Tejas Instrument and many more…

From 2nd Dec till 10th Dec i tried and was rejected in all of them.. reason being unable to qualify written tests, heavy competition( comeon  its IIT), big companies with small requirements, disaster interviews ( Oracle lasted for 10 mins 😦  ).

But with time preparation improved and finally came the most hectic day of my placement season ie. 10th Dec. From morning 7 am we had written test for HP which started at 10 and performance was satisfactory. Again not qualified, but still i waited their and helped others as a moral booster for those who got through. afternoon i came back to  my room and the news was out that Infosys is coming for the placements same evening.

Preparation was ok but still did’nt wanted to loose again so went thru everything as fast as i could. we were called at 8pm. Reached Vikramshila and it was a mela kind of a scenario, It seemed that everyone was eligible for appearing. it was kind of a superslow process where we took our seats at 10pm and Infy guys finally came at 11:30pm, the wait was again painful. after that again they started a long process of filling up the form. its was around 00:15 morning when we had question papers in our hand and we started with the test. it went well and i submitted paper in a  positive frame of mind by 2 am morning.  but again adding to the overloaded tiredness came a colossal news from hell. Tejas Network guys were there wanting to take their written test from 2:30 in the morning ( r u serious 😛 ) . But still i went for it, i could’nt afford to loose a company just because of a silly reason of me dying due to tiredness.

Then i gave a tough really tough written exam that sucked everything out me, it ended about 4:30 in the morning. i reached my room by 5 and did’nt slept untill 6 checking all the notices and mails. then i don’t know when & what happened i got a knock at my door at  8am “abe saale jab tera written nikal hai tu ghoda bech k soya rehta hai” it was abhishek. could’nt abuse him for waking me up because he came with a good news, bas news was that i had to reach Takshashila by 8:30. Abhishek was already placed in Mentor Graphics (YO Abhi..) so this time it was his turn to help me out with my pre interview preparations. i would like to share with u all an incident when abhishek’s second interview call came from Mentor Graphics,  he forgot his updated CV(he has the habbit of getting into trouble when u least expect it) and called me for it. (i was asleeping ). then out of nowhere in just 10 mins i got a print out of his CV,  took someone’s cycle and raced t0 takshashila in my dirty boxer and Tshirt (high priority package was delivered with all the embarrassment in the world 😛 ).

So coming back to my placement, i waited for about half hour for my interview turn.. then finally moment of truth came. Question they askedwere technical as well as HR, my Mtech project was the main topic of discussion for my interview and some C question here and their. Some hardware question were also asked which i did’nt answer completely and one or two from social activities 😛 . Finally i came out confused and yet trying to figure out how eveything went. Interviewers asked me to wait outside.. so i was doing so, then finally HR(he was also from my hometown jamshedpur, sounds like an advantage ) called me and directly gave me the good news that i was selected. Job profile given to me was of  Technology Analyst and finally i got my most preferred job location Bangalore.

Friends i faced a lot of problems in installing nesC compiler where i tried to get all the subparts and arranging them. Linux also gave me a bit of trouble.

Here is a solution where u can get the whole package


Follow the instruction this guy has every required file saved and ready to use. best is the Cygwin part. enjoyy…